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What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is an artistic sport performed on-stage, in teams or as a soloist. It offers a unique combination of dancing, singing, gymnastics and technical skill.

Participants are guided by coaches to develop strength, techniques, flexibility, and coordination. Calisthenics teaches skills such as leadership, teamwork, and confidence which can be carried throughout the performers’ life.


In any year, a team will perform the following core items:


  • Figure March - Marching in formations developing spacial awareness, rhythm, and deportment.

  • Free Exercises - Includes a mixture of flexibility and strength movements developing core strength and deportment.

  • Rods - Manipulation of a lightweight metal rod developing hand-eye coordination, multitasking skills, and fine-motor skills.

  • Clubs - Swinging of wooden clubs developing spatial awareness, fine-motor skills, and multitasking.

As well as 2-3 of the following 'fancy' items:​

  • Aesthetic - Graceful movements adapting technical skills from Classical Ballet developing dance technique, musical appreciation, and emotional expression.

  • Rhythmic - Graceful and elevated movements used creatively developing lower body strength, power, and poise.

  • Character Dance - A series of dance steps choreographed to tell a story on stage. Performers' are usually given characters to portray through expression and costume.

  • Song with Action - Singing with movements developing confidence through performance as well as rhythm, acting, and multitasking.

  • Song and Dance - Singing with dance developing singing skills, dance, multitasking, and vocals.

  • Dance Arrangement - Dance steps choreographed to music developing expression, coordination, and musical interpretation.

  • Calisthenic Revue - A creative performance combining skills learned in the core items to portray a story using expression,  musical interpretation and creative expression.

Solos/ Duos

Although Calisthenics is primarily a team sport, performers' can also participate in Solos or Duos. At an elite level, these items require flexibility, grace, poise, deportment, and confidence in performance. 

Performers' can participate in the following items in addition. to their team items:

  • Graceful Girl - Performed as a soloist using techniques adapted from classical ballet with graceful movements choreographed creatively to portray a story. Participants are marked on interpretation, execution, and choreography.

  • Calisthenic Solo - Performed as a soloist, this item requires flexibility and strength as well as dance steps. Participants are marked on character, execution, and choreography.

  • Duos - Performed as a pair, this item requires spacial awareness, timing, and character. Participants are marked on execution and timing with their partners. They must work together in choreography teaching collaboration.

All items within the sport are taught. by qualified coaches who undergo regular testing to be able to take classes within their club. All coaches require a Level 1 Coach Badge, Working With Children's Check and First Aid


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